Friday, June 17, 2011

Rick James Fan sticker

She's a super-freak!
She's super-freakyyyyy!

Rick James Fan

From his funk-tacular music to his trademark style, you love everything about this influential hitmaker, which is why you checked-in 5 times. *Not available in print. Share this one proudly. It's from our friend Rick James.

Req: Like and Check-in to Rick James 5x


  1. If Ms Teena Marie were next, this would be the most awesome stickers I have yet next to Ali

  2. So we can't get the physical copy of this sticker??!!!

  3. first of all, i chkd in more than 5x and STILL haven't gotten, and second, what the hell? people want a physical copy of the rick james sticker. i totally wanted a physical copy.

  4. Based on what GetGlue has provided in the description of this (and other) stickers, you can't get a physical copy of it from them. That's not to say you couldn't download the image and print out your own, mind you...