Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Canned customer response & accusations...

Just got the following in a reply e-mail from GetGlue Re: possible bugs in the system relating to the stickers from last night.

"Thanks for using GetGlue! 

We do not comment on how to earn stickers, but I can say that there are restrictions put in place to make sure there is genuine behavior when earning stickers.  Keep checking in when you are consuming the object, and you will earn the sticker."

So basically they're accusing me of trying to game the system?  Not cool, especially considering this isn't the first time that a bug has hit my account and resulted in me failing to be awarded a sticker based on a proper amount of check-ins. I'll post more in this saga if they decide to reply to my response.


  1. "Consuming the object?" What country is their support staff from? Geez. Nice. Again, though, at least you got a response at all...

  2. P.S. - EVERYONE who uses Glue is "gaming the system." They really believe we're all watching all of these shows every time we check in (or that we only check in when we actually watch)? In some cases that would mean it would take 3 - 5 months to earn SuperFan stickers (for once-weekly shows).

  3. if that was the case, they shouldn't even put limitations on ANY stickers, and just let us get these stickers out of surprise. Don't tell us what stickers are available, don't have a social network....
    I collect 'game the system' like mad!! I just like collecting the stickers and I want the physical thing;)

    however, that email seems very cold... not the kind of response i would want to get from a fun site.... feels like getglue is purporting this nice guy image..

  4. The best part is that the "real stickers" claim mostly seems to be a hook, or a ploy to get us to waste our time on their site. I, like most I know, have over 465 stickers and have received a whopping total of 18 in the mail since I first requested them 4 months ago. I have requested them every month since August, and received one set, 1 time - and not even the ones I had hoped to receive, like True Blood and Dexter. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna keep trying, but it seems pointless at this rate.

  5. I think that they didn't expect people to gain the system and regret that they didn't put limitations before. I really try to get the stickers for the shows that I watch but I also get some of the stickers that are limited, such as Box Office, by gaining the system.

  6. i sent them some suggestions in regards to making a check list for first priority stickers. I don't think their utilizing the system properly. They informed me that the reason why things were 'slow' was due to printing the stickers. However, I think , they're not printing the right ones.. that, our they need to find a new manufacturer for sticker printing. Clearly the most popular and high in demand stickers are the dexter, trueblood, conan, etc... so print a crap load of those, and less of the non-exclusive ones.

    if i really could only choose 10 (they also said that they are picking up pace, so they'll start shipping more than 10) I would like to have the chance to select which special 10 i would get;)

    i wouldn't even mind paying shipping (if under 10 bucks for over 300 lol) if that would make things easier:)

  7. Hey all,

    First, thanks for the email to support, Tech Paradox -- it is a great way for us to understand how people view our service.

    These emails are also a great way to help identify one way or another if there are bugs on the service. We do read every email that comes in and generally try to respond in a timely manner.

    Now, nobody was making an accusation. We don't openly reveal how to earn stickers and the phrase 'genuine behavior' was more of a hint than anything. Fan and Superfan stickers are increasingly being tuned to reward authentic behavior around a show/movie/book/etc. These mechanics are being iterated on.

    Our support process is being reviewed and improved - we're also actively hiring to fill a few holes on our team here (know of anyone good?). Our goal is to provide exceptional service.

    Sharon - I saw your email and read your suggestions on sticker fulfillment carefully. Thanks for the tips! We are working to first get the fulfillment process cleaned up and will then work to improve the experience for all.

    Tech Paradox, I'll respond to your email shortly - I have a few calls to make first.

    All the best,


  8. Fraser - I told you guys already, if I see something wrong, I'm going to call you on it. Canned responses and parroting phrasing from a support playbook only goes so far when it comes to customer support. As I said in my reply, I'm not some newbie that hasn't been around the block before, both when it comes to using GetGlue and when it comes to handling customer support issues.

  9. @fraser k thanks for expressing your interest in peoples suggestions;) I think that with the customer support team, they should try writing in the same tone as you comment;) sometimes you don't really have to explain yourself. People just want to know that their concerns and suggestion are truly being considered;) just part of PR, right;) Its understandable if there are bugs, so i think rather than telling people that they haven't met the fulfilled requirements, you could always blame the 'bug':) or wizards;)

    I too have that problem of checking into a show WAYYY too many times and not being able to get the stickers, but I just blame it on a bug and hope that things will get fixed;)

    So all in all, just need to have more sincere and down to earth replies= happy getglubies;)

    - the person that responded to my email made me believe that they did read the email and spent time responding to me personally, rather than giving me a pre-made response;)

    p p s- really wish those damn empire boardwalk stickers werent' sooo damn exclusive>< just give me oneeeee:( oh well lol.

  10. I'm also on the "where are my True Blood" (and other such exclusives) stickers... I joined the site specifically because of the True Blood stickers and have since, enjoyed all the other things I've discovered. I've received two orders of stickers - about 28 in total between the two orders - no True Blood, no Dexter, no Walking Dead, no Hung... partial Weeds, partial Entourage... If they can't ship us all the stickers we've earned, then let me pick what I want... I dunno... maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised with future orders...

  11. @JustMe haha at least you actually received stickers!! I started getglue because of the trueblood stickers too!! i can't get the ultimate truebie though... sigh.. i've done everything.. and still can't get it:(

  12. @sharon, me too! I could have sworn I got it already, but I must have imagined it. Well, I might have not tried everything, I haven't liked the True Blood actors and actresses yet...

  13. As much fun as it is, it is also nearly impossible to figure out how to get some of the stickers which can be extremely frustrating…!

    GetGlue should consider posting a hint for each sticker to help users out here…! Also the fact that with some TV shows they expect you to check in at a certain time makes it impossible for people outside the US (or those who just don't have time and TiVo their shows) to actually get those stickers…! :(((

  14. I have had 2 deliveries of stickers which came within a couple of weeks of ordering each time (although only 16 in the first batch) but between them they have included all the true blood stickers, so don't give up yet it is possible to get full sets of actual stickers! I live in the UK too and the envelopes are postmarked New York so I'm surprised!

    Ultimate Trubie took a while, just make sure you have liked and checked into absolutely everything, including all the books (there are duplications) etc. Good luck :)