Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Borgias Season One Fan sticker

The Borgias Season One Fan

You've learned the ways of the first crime family by watching Sundays at 10pm. Just don't follow their scheming example. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Showtime.

Req: Live Check-in to The Borgias 5x over the course of the season

Note: tonight is the first night that the sticker can be earned, but you'll still have more opportunities over the course of the season.

I still want to know how they're going to do a Season Superfan for this one, given that the show only has nine episodes...


  1. They'll probably say you didn't check in and then give you no reason for why they say that... my poor Fiona...

  2. I already know I missed a week, so I'm probably going to get shafted out of the Superfan either way...

  3. Clearly I missed a week for some reason. So I will be right there with you getting screwed out of the Season Superfan.

  4. I think it has 10 episodes.
    But, the premiere was a double episode.
    So, 9 dates.
    It's like "The Prophet" and "Fiona"
    "Smells Like Cinnamon" all of them..

  5. and, by the way.
    Today the fifth episode will air.
    But, it'll be the fourth week.
    So "technically" (i.e. without loophole) people should get the fan sticker next week. :)

  6. It's not the fan sticker I'm concerned about - I know that one will trigger after enough check-ins - it's the superfan one that has me annoyed. That and the fact that GG didn't announce the season stickers with the release of the original sticker from the set.

  7. I got a check in with the preview of the season and I checked in to the previous 4 eps, so tonight was my 6th check in and I did not get it. :(

  8. I've checked in several times each airing so at least 16 check ins during the hour its on and Ive checked in today and nothing. Not even the season fan at least. Srsly starting to get pissed off.

  9. Like all Season Fan stickers, the check-ins have to be Live Check-ins, which get counted at the rate of one per show's normal airing time. I've got another possible reason behind the sticker dropping like it has been - the check-in loophole. It was discovered a little while back that check-ins to a show during its normal run time even if the show does not air that night (i.e. prior to the premiere) have been getting counted as a Live Check-in for the purposes of Season Fan and Season Superfan stickers. Today is technically only the fourth weekend the show has aired, so either GG counted individual check-ins during part 1 and part 2 of the premiere as separate live check-ins, or the people that have earned it thus far checked-in on March 27th, when the show did not air, in addition to the regular check-ins. It's just a theory, but if we apply Occam's Razor, it makes the most sense.

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