Monday, April 25, 2011

Nurse Jackie Season Three Fan sticker

Nurse Jackie Season Three Fan

How are things different for Nurse Jackie this season? Thanks for watching episodes of Nurse Jackie on Monday nights at 10pm. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Showtime.

Req: Live Check-in 5x to Nurse Jackie over the course of season three


  1. I really despise these "Live Check-in" stickers. I have no idea how it is counted as I have more than 5x checkins. Are we suppose to check-in during our time zone where it will be airing "live" or are we suppose to check-in during the EST zone when it airs "live" for them to count for us? Any information to clarify this would really be of a huge help! Thanks!

  2. Live Check-ins get counted at the rate of one per episode window. In theory if you check-in while the show is airing in your time zone, that should count. In reality, I've seen more than one person get shafted out of a Live sticker because GetGlue didn't count the check-in properly. To cover all bases I usually check-in during the hour before the show (when the window typically opens) and during the show itself. I'm on Central time, so it's not a huge ordeal for me as I'm only off EST by one hour, but I can see how it would be uber-frustrating for anyone in the time zones further West. If you want to cover all bases, I'd check-in once per hour once the window opens up in EST until the show actually airs in your time zone.

  3. Hi there! I live in the PST zone, so yeah I am now going to take your advice and check-in to shows in those windows you spoke of, a little more work and remembering, but I guess that's what I have to do just to be sure. I already missed quite a few of the live checks and even some that weren't because GetGlue didn't count the check-in, and support said, you didn't check in at the correct time... The Big Love Finale sticker comes to mind... oh well. Hey thanks again, much appreciated! :)