Sunday, April 24, 2011

The True Atmosphere Superfan sticker

The True Atmosphere Superfan

From Overcast! to The Family Sign, each Atmosphere album has a hallowed place in your playlist. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Req: Like & Check-in at least 5x to Atmosphere and then Like all their albums

Studio Albums:
Overcast! (1997)
God Loves Ugly (2002)
Seven's Travels (2003)
Headshots: SE7EN (2005)
You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (2005)
When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (2008)
The Family Sign (2011)

If that doesn't trigger it for you, start running through their EPs:
Overcast! EP (1997)
Sad Clown Bad Dub II (2000)
Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs (2001)
Happy Clown Bad Dub 8/Fun EP (2006)
Sad Clown Bad Summer 9 (2007)
Sad Clown Bad Fall 10 (2007)
Sad Clown Bad Winter 11 (2007)
Sad Clown Bad Spring 12 (2008)
Leak At Will (2009)
To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EP's (2010)

And if you had previously Liked any of their albums, un-like them and re-like them.



    these worked for me I hope it helps.

  2. Guys, check your previously won stickers. I found it had been added to my sticker list, though I never got an email about it.