Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Charlotte On Tour sticker

Good Charlotte On Tour

Get excited to see Good Charlotte on tour because they are sure to bring the house down. For more information about the tour visit here: www.goodcharlotte.com . Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Good Charlotte.

Req: Check-int to Good Charlotte and mention "On tour (city name)"
Note: Most people seem to be using San Diego


  1. Do you have any idea how to get The Voice stickers or the Deadliest catch ones? I looked in the Full Sticker FAQ, but couldn't see it, maybe I over looked it if it's there.

  2. Holly,

    I just received the Deadliest Catch "Time Bandit" sticker by checking into the show.


  3. The Voice is wrong on the calendar... it's on at 10 Eastern. Try again next hour.

  4. While The Voice's air time did change starting last week, checking-in last week during its original time slot netted everyone the Cee Lo-themed Voice sticker. Yet another case of GG not staying internally consistent. I'll shift it on the calendar, but I'm going to be checking-in at its old time slot just in case.

  5. As for the Deadliest Catch stickers, they're weeklies, so if you've missed some you're out of luck on those. The Voice is being quite variable with whether stickers are available or not. If you don't find an item in the full FAQ then use the Google Search bar in the sidebar at the right - it will search the whole site got whatever terms you want.

  6. I did end up getting the deadliest catch, just for some reason not at the hour it was airing when I checked-in the first time. I checked in about two hours later saying, "why haven't I gotten the time bandit." and it gave it to me. lol. The Voice one I didn't get, it says it's still open, but oh well. Thanks! I didn't know that about the google search bar! I'll use that next time.