Saturday, May 28, 2011

True Blood - Tru Blood sticker

Tru Blood

Congratulations Truebie, you have been randomly selected to win Tru Blood and an exclusive sticker. HBO will contact you so you can claim your prize. We hope this helps your #TBWithdrawal until the 6/26 season premiere. You can always visit until then. Check out our blog for more details: . Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at HBO.

Req: Check-in to True Blood with the keyword "#TBWithdrawal" and pray that you're one of the daily winners.
Note: This sticker will only be awarded to the winner of the daily drawing and will no longer be available after 26 June, 2011

- - -

Nope, I didn't earn this one, but I can keep hoping I'm one of the lucky thirty-odd people that are awarded it in the next month. In the meantime I'll just have to break out my box sets of TB and re-watch them in preparation for the new season. Mmmm... Sookie...


  1. it showed up that i won on sat then was gone today. what gives?

  2. That's weird... Did you get an email from GetGlue or HBO regarding whether or not you won?

  3. i got neither. i wonder if it was some odd glitch because it showed up immediately after i got my "hooked" sticker from the #TBWithdrawal thing. now i wish i would of taken a screen shot because i don't think the person i emailed at there support believed me.

  4. how do you get the red/white/black stickers?