Monday, June 6, 2011

Check-in Stickers Pack

Check-In Legend

Checking-in 250 times is no small feat. What task will you conquer next?

Req: Amass 250 total check-ins across all topics

Check-In Hero

You've reached 500 check-ins on your epic quest to share what you're watching, listening to, and reading!

Req: Rack up 500 total check-ins across all topics

Check-In Superhero

You may appear mild-mannered, but hitting 1,000 check-ins proves you have superpowers. What have you chosen for your superhero name?

Req: Get your check-in total across all topics up to 1000


  1. I have 314 check-ins, so do i not get the Check-in Legend sticker now.

  2. I have 685 check ins. I got the first 2 stickers when I did a check in.

  3. I got all 3 today, combined with the Hockey Night in Canada superfan one when I checked in to tonight's game.

  4. It appears that if you've already passed the mark on any of these then your next check-in will net you the ones that are applicable. Since I had over 6000 check-ins when the set went live my next check-in bagged me all three of them.