Monday, January 17, 2011

Forum page goes live!

I floated the idea for it, you guys thought it was a good idea, so here we go!  You'll notice in the sidebar at the right there is a link for a new page - "Forum". This is a page that has a forum embedded into it. The forum software that I'm using is called Vanilla. It's a bit different from your standard PHPBB-based forum in that it centers more around discussions first and categories second. New posts and posts with replies will be bumped the top of the listing. Older discussions will trickle down the listing as people lose interest in them. At the right you'll see a list of categories for posts. If you click on a category it'll show you all the posts that relate to that category instead of the default view of everything.

If the embedded page seems a bit too cramped for you, feel free to head over to the actual forum page at  You'll be required to sign up for an account or use a Google or OpenID account to login and post.

The forum features private messaging, personal activity pages (somewhat like a Facebook Wall), and is very robust. I've had a few friends from my GetGlue subscriptions helping me kick the tires on it for the last few days, so there are already some discussion threads started.

Be sure to read the rules at the top of the discussions, and if you have any questions please feel free to PM me on the forum or drop me an email.

1 comment:

  1. I just discovered your site. Have you thought about setting up your own Twitterfeed with a Twitter account for this blog? It would auto-tweet every new post you make (though you'd definitely want to respond to people who tweet you, just like you would with your emails) you make here.

    Or you could use the account to hand-tweet important updates like new additions to your FAQ page, or limited time stickers.

    I just discovered this site. Nice job brother. I had no idea you had to use phrases to get stickers to pop-up. No wonder I have so much trouble using GetGlue.