Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gold Rush sticker

Gold Rush
You've checked-in to the return of Gold Rush on Discovery! Did they find the mother lode? Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Discovery.
Req: Check-in to Gold Rush: Alaska during its airing on 7 January, 2011

It looks like Gold Rush is going to have weekly stickers, based on what's showing on the Stickers page for it. Whether these will be on consecutive weeks or an oddball spacing like GG did with the Dexter stickers is yet to be seen, but regardless of that I've set up Gold Rush with a weekly reminder for the next six weeks or so on the Reminder Calendar.


  1. The Bobs Burgers and Fatburger stickers have popped, but I haven't made them able to go...

  2. Most of the people who have scored them are in the Eastern Hemisphere, so chances are good those stickers are time-zone locked.

  3. Any ideas how to get the Showtime Brace Yourself? It seems to gone live. I have checked into all 3 Showtime premieres for tonight, but came up empty.

    I also have checked in to Bob's burgers 2 times since I saw people getting the sticker and still don't have it.

    Maybe they are not ready to handle this kind of traffic. Too many sticker at once.

  4. Bob's stickers having major issues for anyone in the US. The show is on tv now and I have not seen one people in the US get the premiere or Fatburger sticker. Looks like no one is getting a free Fatburger.