Monday, January 31, 2011

Notice regarding the Sticker-Hunter Leaderboard

Recently I received a request from a single GG user to add several other users to the leaderboard, which I did. Upon doing the count for today I found that many of the users I added have hidden their profiles. I can understand this; not everyone wants their information out there for the world to see. So to this end I am instituting the following policy:

Henceforth, if you wish to be included in the leaderboard then your profile must be visible to the public. I will not go around subscribing to people just because someone else thought they deserved to be in the top count. If your profile is changed to hidden then your sticker count will remain at the level that was last tallied and you will eventually drop off the bottom of the board. Any users that I have already subscribed to will be grandfathered in, as I refuse to go through my subscriptions and unsubscribe to everyone just to see who has their profile hidden.

This policy is not open to negotiation.

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