Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Green Hornet Box Office, Free Snooki and Being Human Premiere

The Green Hornet Box Office
The crime-fighting duo of The Green Hornet and Kato continue to dole out vigilante justice in The Green Hornet, in theaters now. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Sony Pictures.
Req: Check-in to The Green Hornet on or after 18 Jan, 2011

Free Snooki
Free Snooki...she's a good person! Now, where's the beach? Check out the official website: jerseyshore.mtv.com . Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at MTV.
Req: Check-in to Jersey Shore on 17 Jan, 2011

This one came out of nowhere last night, in that Jersey Shore's usual air day is Thursday. Fortunately for anyone paying attention to the feeds on GetGlue's site it wasn't hard to see the release of this sticker. Hope you guys managed to catch it before the window closed.

Being Human Premiere
Being human may be harder than it looks for a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost, but watching Being Human is easy. Thanks for checking-in to the premiere! Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Syfy.
Req: Check-in to Being Human during its premiere on 17 Jan, 2011

Apparently there is a fourth sticker in this series above and beyond the Preview, Premiere, and Season Fan stickers. From what we can tell you are supposed to be able to earn it by checking-in via the SyFy show's "blog" at http://showblogs.syfy.com/howtobehuman/ but as yet it seems that the number of people who have actually been able to earn it is very limited. We're not sure if it's like the Live CoCo Cam sticker where you have to check-in while the show is on or if it just requires a check-in at any time. The awarding of the sticker seems to be quite random at this point.


  1. LOL! The Green Hornet Opening Weekend sticker was available from the 14th-16th, but the regular box office sticker starts on the 18th, so those people who checked in on the 17th didn't get a sticker. Poor saps. ;)

  2. As for the "How to be Human" sticker -- I actually did check in while the show was airing and also through the widget on the SyFy website but the sticker never showed up…! :(

  3. I got the How to be Human sticker by typing that phrase into the box

  4. @ UtherSRG : That sounds utterly messed up that you take joy in people not receiving their sticker. It sucks even more when its actually Getglue's mistake or glitch. I'm still waiting for a reply for them to give me my Yogi Bear sticker which they haven't given to me. This was when the Yogi box office sticker went live early. I actually went out that weekend with my family to watch the movie and checked in there. I'm just sorry to hear that some people think its cool that they got a sticker that someone else didn't get. Be careful, karma will get you some way or another.

  5. I know what you mean. I know for a fact I earned bobs burgers sticker. And the magnetic sticker. I have a teeny feeling there were others.

  6. i got a heads up on my sticker page
    Mail me my stickers
    You've earned enough stickers to get physical copies mailed to you. You can request these on January 22,
    i asked for some less than 30 days ago..
    oh wait theres a forum now ..hm

  7. @goodmans my stickers came a few days after my 30 day time limit. Only thing is that they were the same as my first round

  8. Getglue sucks. You waste months checking in to things and then your rewarded with not getting stickers.