Saturday, March 19, 2011

AFL Field Goal sticker

AFL Field Goal
The NFL Network has all the hard-hitting Arena Football League action you're looking for. Watch Fridays at 8/7c to see more of your favorite teams on the field. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at NFL Network.
Req: Live Check-in to Arena Football League once

There's also a Fan sticker that goes with this one but it's not triggering for the standard five Check-ins. Best guesses would be it's either not live at this time or that it will require five Live Check-ins. Either way, if you like football, check out the AFL - it may not be for some purists, but it's a fun game to watch!


  1. I've checked in twice and still no sticker?

  2. If it doesn't work now then I bet its a live check-in...

  3. Yeah, apparently it's a Live Check-in, like the other NFL network stuff.

  4. Yeah its a live check in....I got mine last nite when it was on.

  5. Can someone tell me when this is usually on…? Or will it show up in the checkin calendar…?!