Monday, March 21, 2011

Entertainment Weekly - Must List Level 3 sticker

Must List Level 3
Way to go! It’s a Must List check-in hat trick: You’ve checked into something that made EW’s Must List for the third week in a row! Check every week and visit daily to stay up to date on the very best in pop culture. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Entertainment Weekly.
Req: Check-in to a new item from Entertainment Weekly's Must List three weeks in a row

Ok, it appears that the Must List items from the website lag a week behind the Must List items from the iApp. If you head over to the EW Must List on their website, you'll see that the items pictured there are the same ones that showed up for the week of the 14th on the iApp. It also appears that the check-ins for the EW sticker are tied to the items from the website, not the items from the iApp.

For this week, try using the following:

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (TV)
The Walking Dead (TV)
Mars Needs Moms (Movies)
Certified Copy (Movies)
The Trinity Six (Books)
The Fighter (Movies)
Top Chef All Stars (TV)
Aretha Franklin (Music Artist)
Dragon Age II (Video Games)
MySpoonful (Topic)

Also, if it hasn't been seven days since you earned your last Must List sticker, wait until it has been a week.


  1. Well, I've checked into each and every one of the suggested topics and nothing…! Even though it's been a week…

    This is just getting worse all the time…! :(

  2. Those aren't the items in the Must List in the magazine I just got in the mail. The mag I got has

    How I Met Your Mother (TV)
    Mildred Pierce (Movie)
    So Much Pretty (Book)
    TV On The Radio (Music Artist)
    Win Win (Movie)
    Paul (Movie)
    It Gets Better (Book)
    Bridge Over Troubled Water (CD/DVD
    Garageband iPad app (Video Games?)

  3. So the website, the iPad app and the print magazine all feature different lists…?! Oh man…

  4. @Spencer - the list you gave is the same one from the iPod app for the week of the 21st, so it appears that the magazine and the App are in sync with each other - it's just the website that appears to lag a week behind.

  5. figured it out, u have to check in exactly 1 week or later, after u got the last sticker, or it wont work. Kept checking in everyday til it worked this morning so I must have gotten the last sticker on a thurs