Friday, March 18, 2011

EW Must List topics - Week of Mar 21, iPhone App

Here's the listing from the iPhone app for the week of March 21, with some possible links to the pages for the topics (some of them have more than one).

How I Met Your Mother (TV)
Mildred Pierce (TV)
GarageBand iPad App (Apps & Games)
Win Win (Movies)
So Much Pretty, by Cara Hoffman (Books)
"Don't You (Forget About Me)" by David Cook (Music)
Paul (Movies)
It Gets Better, by Dan Savage and Terry Miller (Books)
Bridge Over Troubled Waters 40th anniversary CD/DVD (Music)
"Caffeinated Consciousness" by TV on the Radio (Music)

Good luck, and if you can get any of them to trigger the next level of the sticker for you then post it here!


  1. I believe that the Level 3 sticker will go live on Monday. Level 2 went live last Monday and the Must List is for the week of March 21.

  2. what did you get for the must 2 level sticker

  3. The Must List can be found here:,,20310286_20472787,00.html

    There are 3 Must List stickers. Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

  4. i checked into all of these nothing triggered

  5. I got the level one sticker about a week ago....then it disappeared....then yesterday I got it again....I checked into all those above and didn't get anything.

  6. These are all the ones for next week, so they're probably not tied to anything yet. Plus, you can only get one level of sticker per week so if you already got one for this week then you'll have to wait a few days.