Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GSL Not Sticker available from Geek Shui Living

What do you do if you contact GetGlue and they turn you down for doing a sticker partnering? If you're Geek Shui Living, you go ahead and print your own and then run your own contest for awarding them! Geek Shui Living is a cool blog in and of its own right, and they've decided to give back to fans of the site. Head over there and have a look at the post regarding the stickers, and then have a go at earning one. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky first 75 people to snag one. While you're at it, stick around and browse their blog. There's a lot of cool info over there!


  1. Ok let me see if I am right. This isn't an official GG sticker so it doesn't count in our official count on GG correct?

  2. You are correct - this isn't a GetGlue sticker so it won't show up in your sticker count. I just thought it was a cool promo for GSL and they deserved a little plug over here as well.

  3. ok.. this dropped my opinion of GetGlue a couple of notches. So you have to be a corporate jerkwad to work with GetGlue on a sticker promo. That's crappy. I guess they aren't pro-little guy. Plus they have done and ARE doing partnering with other online publications.