Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Glee - Prom Queen sticker

Prom Queen

Who gets your vote for prom queen at McKinley High? Thanks for watching tonight's episode of Glee! Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at FOX.

Req: Check-in to Glee during its airing on 10 May, 2011


  1. So angry! I checked in to this right after 11pm and didn't get the sticker, but checked in to deadliest catch and the voice for those "day of" stickers and got them. WHY???

  2. 11 PM? What time zone are you in? The show's normal air time is 8/7c and the check-in window started at 7/6c.

  3. I'm in Central Time Zone. Yes, I know the show airs at 7pm for me here (I work. I can't help it. I recorded it and watched it later). I'm just wondering why I could check-in to other things that were supposed to be during their airtime way later in the night (at 11pm) and get those stickers but never can for Glee.

  4. The window that GetGlue leaves open for checking-in to earn stickers is more than a bit variable. Some of them they clamp down on and block off the ability to earn the sticker as soon as the show's episode ends, others are left open. Glee is apparently one of those that is locked down. My sympathies on not being able to get a sticker for a show you really enjoy. The only suggestions I could give would be to possibly have a trusted friend check-in for you, or get a mobile phone that can run the GetGlue app or has a web browser so you can check-in on the go.