Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black Swan and SHORT Stories stickers

Black Swan
We guarantee you'll be talking (and dreaming) about Natalie Portman's intense performance and Darren Aronofsky's gorgeous style for weeks. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Fox Searchlight.
Req: Check-in to Black Swan. No Like or phrase needed.

SHORT Stories
Showtime's SHORT Stories turns talented filmmakers loose as they pack creativity into small packages. Check out the shorts online: www.sho.com/shortstories . Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Showtime.
Req: Check-in to Showtime's SHORT Stories. No Like or phrase needed.


  1. Good thing you warned us to be paying attention to any stickers that might show up. Since these 2 did on top of the 3 we were expecting. And then another one tonight for the show 'What Not To Wear'. They want to keep us on our toes over the holiday weekend (and week).

  2. Yeah, they have a way of throwing out stickers with little to no prior notice. Sometimes they don't even tweet about it. Checking their web page on a regular basis is your best bet for staying on top of the newly available stickers if you don't have a smartphone capable of running one of their apps.

  3. I definately check the web page, and pay attention to other people who get one when I see it in my stream. My iPhone has certainly given me the heads up on some of the new releases. They are sneaky.

  4. Speaking of which the Conan "Minty" sticker is live and in the wind...

  5. Michael - Yeah, they're a bit release-crazy today!