Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look At What Came In The Mail II - Sticker Boogaloo!

I dropped by the post office today to pick up a couple packages that I had received (Online Christmas Shopping, FTW) and lo and behold there was another envelope from GetGlue in my mailbox! This time around I received 15 stickers.  Hit the jump for the pic and info!

They are (columns, left to right):
Lone Wolf
Addon Adhesive (The IE version? I earned the Firefox version...)
Movie Hopper
Check-in Rookie (I find this one funny considering my account still doesn't show it as awarded since the last site revamp)
The Wasp (Sweet! I love this series of books!)
Cylon (Excellent! Sci-fi for life!)
Channel Surfer
and three copies of one that I have never seen before on the site - it's a white heart on a reddish background. The heart looks like it may be made out of glue, and the top of the sticker has the URL of getglue.com

At the top of the pic is the standard card they send with the stickers.

The envelope itself, which I haven't pictured, was a bit odd. It was metered for the cost of $.64 rather than having a standard stamp on it. The date on the metering was December 9. The address label, instead of having my name on it, was addressed to "GetGlue Fan", with my proper address. This makes me wonder whether this was a bonus mailing or if this was actually the mailing triggered from my second request. If it's the second request then that puts the turnaround time at four weeks from the date of my request. The sending of 15 stickers rather than 20 also had me scratching my head, but I'm not going to complain too loudly about that.

Regardless of the oddity, I'm happy to see these turn up in my mailbox. Today I put in yet another request for my stickers as the banner had once again reappeared on my Stickers page. Here's to hoping for some more coolness in my mailbox courtesy of GetGlue in the near future!


  1. Has anyone outside the USA ever requested/received any stickers yet…? Does GetGlue even mail them to the rest of the world…?!I couldn't find any info on that on the website…

  2. I've requested twice now and have gotten nothing. Though I think there is still a week or so left on the high end of my first request.

  3. MILE - They've stated before via Twitter that they will ship stickers internationally but the turn-around time on those requests will be longer due to the distance.

    Katie - When was your first request?

  4. My first request was around the end of October

  5. i got a few stickers after 3 months of waiting. I live in canada, so that can give you an estimate of how long it might take to receive your stickers outside of the u s of a;)

  6. I'm still waiting on mine -- it's been about 4-5 weeks or so for me...

  7. its been ...dont know when i started but i requested like a week or two after i started and i still havent seen anything. did another request a couple of weeks ago and ..nothing. although TBH i think my request button is now missing so maybe i....
    dont know does it disappear?

  8. The request button/banner disappears once you request your stickers. It will reappear after the 30-day limit between sticker requests is up.

  9. Okay, thanks for the info -- I might just give it a try and see how long it takes for them to send some to Germany…! :)

  10. I've requested twice in the last 7 weeks or so. I have yet to receive a single thing. I'm thinking I have to start making noise with support to get anything. It would be nice to actually see a sticker. I'm thinking I'm just going to download the images & print them myself on some kind of sticker paper that allows me to cut out whatever size, if such a thing is available.

    Congrats, man. Nice to see some of us are getting actual stickers. :-)

  11. Loving the actual stickers, still waiting for mine... :)