Monday, December 6, 2010

FAQ updates in the works, Leaderboard adjustments

Hey there faithful readers! I just wanted to post and let you know that the latest revision to the FAQ is almost done and will be posted in the next few days. With the massive influx of stickers and the addition of the Stickers page on GetGlue in the last few weeks I actually had to scrap a version I had in the works and re-did the sticker ordering entirely! Thanks to everyone who has written in with tips, suggestions, and other info on how to earn some of the items that are still marked with a "???". Keep sending them in!

Also, due to the popular demand of the sticker hunter leaderboard we've expanded the listing to a Top 25 instead of limiting it to just 15, otherwise there would be a lot of people up there with the same counts. If we get enough interest we just might expand it to a top 50!

Lastly, some of you who are subscribed to me may have noticed I've been maintaining a bit of radio silence over on GetGlue. This is in part to test a theory. I can't go more in-depth on it yet, but suffice it to say that if this works then there will be a definitive answer to one of the unknown/partially known stickers in the FAQ. Rest assured, I'll post the end results once they pan out!

Happy Hunting!

- Frank


  1. darn - so close to being in the top 25 - I'm at 509 stickers... maybe some day ;)
    -JustAimer on Glue ;)

  2. Phrase to Earn GetGlue Sticker,

  3. Are you looking for Lurker? :-) I've thought about that, but I've not seen very many days together where nothing happens. Since I don't want to miss potentially multiple stickers for one sticker, I haven't stayed off for enough days in a row. At least that's what I think Lurker is about, either no activity or activity without checking in.

  4. Well i had 519 stickers but just deleted my account at getglue , I know that Sabrina is acusing people of plagerism but yet she is doing the same thing , i looked at her page with guru's and found material from wikipedia.......another thing she does is putting up music links for people to! is that legal?and now getglue is giving warnings to people i know, i mean wtf???
    ok i said what i wanted to say , its starts to become some kind of kids game that he or she can not handle it that one has more stickers then the other, and i don't want to be a part of that.
    getglue has taken away lots of my sleepless (i live in europe) but it was fun while it lasted .

  5. Wow, Al! almost one month later and I find THIS?!

    You are talking behind me behind my back, but the thing is the things you are saying are actually FALSE!!! I Google the actual material in question to make sure that it was plagiarism and bingo! They were taken word for word from someplace else. So I reported it to GetGlue to let them deal with it. If you and people you know are doing this then you should have heeded GG's warning and just stopped doing this. This was all myself and others were asking anyway. Telling you directly would have been inappropriate since we are not friends. I let the staff deal with it.

  6. As for the accusations of having similarly illegal content on my profile, I make a significant effort to make sure that is not true. I do quote Wikipedia, complete with quote marks and citations. That is NOT plagiarism. Additionally, it is actually not illegal to provide links to music. I provided a link to an album listing once that also had a link to download the album. I asked if the album listing was a real album, and actually stated that downloading it for purposes of backing up music (which again, is legal), so to answer your question, NO this is not illegal. So basically you are upset because I called you on breaking the law and nobody called me on not breaking the law? Then you accuse me of doing it over stickers??? I think you missed the point Al! I helped people on the sticker board get more stickers than me! I Why would I care if someone had more stickers than me?

    What it boils down to is you left because you chose to. Nobody kicked you out, nobody forced you to leave. So before you go and slander other people you need to take some personal responsibility for your actions.