Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Recap & outlook for the coming week

The last seven days have been a busy week, with 17 stickers coming available between 13 Dec and 19 Dec, 2010. Here's a list of the ones that have appeared, with the ones that are No Longer Available flagged with an (NLA). Anything without an (NLA) may still be earned at this time, so if you missed one be sure to pick it up ASAP.

Tron Box Office
Tron Opening Weekend (NLA)
Sarah Palin's Alaska - Rafting And Dog Mushing (NLA)
Yogi Bear Box Office
Yogi Bear Opening Weekend (NLA)
Yogi Bear Coming Soon (NLA)
Caprica - Caprican
Caprica - Adama
American Ninja Warrior - Warped Wall (NLA)
I Kept My Eyes Open For 127 Hours
The Dilemma Coming Soon
$5 Cover Seattle Premiere (NLA)
The 4-Hour Body Opening Week
Easy A - Marianne + Olive
Duran Duran Fan
Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now/Single Of The Week (NLA)
Gulliver's Travels Coming Soon

This coming week we're looking down the barrel of at least seven likely stickers, if not more:

Caprica - Graystone (on Tuesday)
Duran Duran - Duran Duran iTunes Exclusive (on Tuesday)
Easy A - Olive (on Tuesday)
Little Fockers Opening Weekend (on Wednesday)
American Ninja Warrior - Double Salmon Ladder (on Wednesday)
Gulliver's Travels Opening Weekend (on Friday)
Pretty Little Liars - PLL Christmas (on Friday)

and possibly another Sarah Palin's Alaska (considering they snuck one out the door this past weekend with little fanfare, you may want to be on your toes come Sunday) as well as the Opening Weekend stickers for the movies listed above (the ones from last week went live this week before the typical Monday release date), so stay frosty and pay attention to the feeds from GetGlue.


  1. Hi there! Well, this week for me hasn't been a good week for stickers, I've missed 2 already because of the time I checked into them. The stickers I am talking about are the Yogi Bear Opening Sticker and the Adama sticker. After coming home from watching Yogi Bear on Saturday night, I logged on to my computer at about 9:30PM PST. Since they did that early Box Office thing, I did not get the Yogi opening sticker, rather it gave me the Box Office sticker instead. Then today I tried to get the Adama sticker, it gave me the Graystone sticker. I know you're probably thinking why are you waiting so long to check in? Well, I'm trying not to just check in right when it is available, but would like to post an honest review or comment after I have seen the movie. If Getglue keeps doing this, I will be forced to check in what 3hrs earlier because of the time zone I live in so I won't miss a sticker? It's like Getglue is making us play a different way that what I have been doing when I started. I also have a feeling that if someone hasn't gotten the Easy A Marianne + Olive sticker by now, they will miss it and be given the solo Olive sticker as it is already live at this time. Luckily, I did check in to Easy A as well as Tron: Legacy already. I would be really upset if they didn't let me earn the Tron Opening Week sticker if the same thing happened. Anyway, I emailed Getglue support early Sunday about the Yogi situation and then tonight asking once again, and also about the Adama one, but I have not gotten a reply yet on both. :( Thanks for reading, just wondering if you have any thoughts on this. Have a great holiday week & Merry Christmas! :)

  2. There's a weird dichotomy that goes on with what GetGlue says they want us to do and what we end up having to do to earn the stickers. If we were playing by the expected rules and only checking-in when we actually watch the tv show, listen to the music, watch the movie, read the book, et cetera, then a lot of people would not earn more than one or two stickers for a given item. I can count on one hand the number of movies that I have watched more than twice (mainly because a lot of the movies out there aren't worth repeated viewing, but I digress). My check-ins to TV shows definitely don't match my actual watching habits because I either DVR the shows to watch later or watch them online with Hulu or Netflix (if it's an older show).
    I can totally understand your frustration. These issues are compounded by the oddity of GetGlue's own release schedule of the stickers. For the movies it used to be Coming Soon/Trailer up to the date of the premiere (better check-in early for these!), followed by the Opening Weekend sticker from Friday until Monday morning (never wait on these - always pick them up on Friday if at all possible, even if you're going to the movie later in the weekend), and then after that it was the Box Office sticker for the rest of the run of the movie. This time around they messed with that formula by setting the Box Office stickers live a lot earlier than they normally would have. DVD releases seem to follow the same track as movie releases, so you have to hit them early if there are any trailer or pre-release stickers. Book and Author stickers seem to have no set rules; some require you to Like the book as well as Check-In, others require only a Check-in. Author stickers only seem to require a Like on one or more books by that author, with no common number set in stone. Music Fandom? Good luck on sorting those out, considering that some require you to Like multiple albums by the artist and others don't and the On Tour stickers are a bit of a roll of the dice as to whether they'll pop properly or not. For TV shows you'd better be checking in during the live airing of the show in your time zone (or possibly slightly before depending on when they set the sticker live). Don't even get me started on the glitches that plague some stickers on release day. Granted, things have gotten better in that respect (I can recall the pain that was the Glee and Eastbound & Down release), but there's still room for improvement. As for contact from GG support, if you don't get an answer right off, keep at it. They're a small staff, but they're willing to work with you if you've got a legitimate problem. Sometimes it takes a few e-mails to convince them that it's a legit problem, but don't get discouraged by a lack of initial communication. :)