Monday, March 7, 2011

Entertainment Weekly stickers

Entertainment Weekly
Congratulations! You’ve earned the coveted Entertainment Weekly sticker on GetGlue! As a connoisseur of pop culture, you probably already know to check out between issues to get the latest entertainment news, reviews, TV recaps and more—but hey, we’re going to remind you anyway: Visit . Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Entertainment Weekly.
Req: Check-in to Entertainment Weekly

Must List Level 1
Well done! You’ve checked into something featured on Entertainment Weekly’s Must List this week! Be sure to download EW’s Must List App for iPad ( or iPhone ( to see what to check into next week – and unlock the next sticker. Everlasting glory awaits. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Entertainment Weekly.
Req: Check-in to one of the items on EW's Must List
Note: If you don't have an iDevice, just keep an eye on the top hunters' lists and check-in to the same things they do.


  1. You can also just go to and search for the Must List, as it is there too.

  2. It took me forever to finally get the Must List badge I tried checking in to all of the items on the list but it wouldn't work. It finally worked when I tried one last time to check into the Celebrity Apprentice with "you're fired" in the comments.

  3. For anyone wondering, Entertainment Weekly is a great magazine by the way. If you have the choice between Star, US Weekly, Parade, etc. (the fluff garbage put front and center at Wal*Mart) and Entertainment Weekly, I highly suggest you give it a try.

    I read my first issue of it in a doctor's office once, and immediately went home and subscribed. I was really impressed at the quality of the writing. It's designed for people that have a brain, whereas the other magazines I mentioned are written for cavewomen. They take entertainment (tv, movies, music, games, books) seriously @ EW.... but not too seriously :)

  4. Check into Firefly this week to earn the "Must List" sticker.