Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Sticker Hunters list for 3-7-11 is live!

Sorry for the delay in posting this week's top hunter board, but it got held up in processing. It's up and current as of yesterday morning. Due to several people setting their profiles to private the board has shifted quite a bit, which gives me reason to re-address an earlier post:

If you want to be included on the listing for the top sticker hunters on this blog, your profile MUST be publicly viewable. This is non-negotiable. The users that may want to follow you should be able to view your likes and dislikes without having to jump through the hoops of requesting your permission to follow you. If you were previously on the listing and you have hidden your profile your count will remain the same until such time as you decide to make your profile public.

If you were not previously on the listing and you wish to have your profile included, drop me a line at techparadox AT gmail DOT com or message me on GetGlue @fhinz1.

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