Friday, October 15, 2010

GetGlue finally announces SPIKE stickers, teases Mad Men Finale.

GetGlue has finally announced the official SPIKE stickers over on their blog. Those of us who are massive sticker addicts already knew about this and have snapped up the Scream 2010 trailer, Ultimate Scream, Deadliest Warrior, and The Ultimate Fighter stickers, leaving only the Scream 2010 10-19-10 check-in sticker remaining. As this one likely won't go live until the 19th (and possibly not until the actual show starts on the 19th), we'll have to wait for it to be released.  It's nice to know there's a full set for the event, though!

Also of note is the teaser for the Mad Men season finale sticker, which will be available on 10-17-10. This one was teased previously and left everyone guessing at what catchphrase might trigger it. Looks like it was just a matter of waiting!

Both events are on the reminder calendar, so be sure to check in and get your badges of honor!

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