Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GetGlue Vocabulary Time!

Some terms you should know:

Sticker Hunter - someone who plays the game within the game at GetGlue and tries to amass as many stickers as they possibly can.  If you're reading this blog, you probably qualify!*

Stick-Tease - the act of GetGlue hinting at the availability of a sticker and then not making it available. (See Jonah Hex, Sex & The City 2, Jack Sparrow, and Don't Steal Me Stickers)

Sticker Blue-Balls - the condition of having met the requirements for earning a sticker but not receiving it. Typically seen on the days that a lot of stickers are released as the server glitches start cropping up.*

Gluebie - someone who is new to GetGlue (and typically doesn't have a lot of stickers or is missing show premiere stickers.)*

Gluser - a creepy stalker-type who replies to your comments or check-ins and won't leave you alone. Typically ends up on your block list in short order.*

Parroting - the act of checking-in to a topic with the same phrase everyone else is using, without knowing whether or not it will work, in the hopes that a sticker will pop.

Phrase Sticker - a sticker that requires you to check-in with a special keyword or phrase to get it to pop.

(*Thanks to Flint for the majority of these!)

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