Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So where's the stickers, GetGlue?

Back on October 18 GetGlue further teased the Sex and the City 2 sticker via Twitter.  I figured this was a cool development (even though I'm still miffed over the non-apperance of the Jonah Hex sticker), and if I was able to earn the S&TC2 tag and they ever actually sent me all of my stickers (which is another rant for another post) then I could give it to my girlfriend.

So today rolls around, the date of the DVD release, and whaddya know - no sticker. Check-ins to the movie didn't make it pop. Check-ins to the show bore no fruit. Ditto for check-ins to the original movie. Nothing.

And yet they can find the time to pimp the upcoming Glee and Raising Hope stickers for tonight. Nice set of priorities there, guys; let's forget the sticker we've been teasing for months now and go ahead and pass out two brand new ones this evening.  This just makes me shake my head in disbelief.  They've got the PR department out working on new stuff when they haven't delivered the old stuff.

Guess we can continue to chalk that Sex and the City 2 sticker up on the same list as the Jonah Hex one - teased but never released.


  1. I checked-in just now and got the sticker instantly... and it's a really cute one. Shrug.

  2. I checked in this evening via my phone app and got the sticker! Maybe this didn't drop till tonight?

  3. Ghost Hunters


    "I watched the trailer. Excited to see the premiere!"

  4. Yeah, the sticker apparently wasn't live until later in the evening when they pushed out the Glee/Raising Hope update. My bitching was a bit premature :)