Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghost Hunters Bug or a time zone lock?

Well, for some reason the Panic Button sticker seems to be broken. After multiple check-ins since the start of the Ghost Hunters Live event over TWO HOURS ago, it has yet to pop for my account. Some people (myself included) have speculated that it's a time zone lock, but it makes no sense that a sticker tied to a live event would be time zone locked. GetGlue should have known that this would be a HUGE night for Ghost Hunters check-ins and thus far they're letting a lot of us down. Here's hoping that if it's a bug it gets fixed soon, and if it's a lock then they pull their heads out of the sand and realize that it's a stupid idea to lock down something that has a specific start time and run time.


  1. they seem to be popping up now - I got mine (after 1.5 hrs of trying I stopped until about 8:30pm CST and I got it) I've seen a lot of people in my subscription stream now getting it.

  2. Just got mine - 9:10 Central Time

  3. It took me over an hour of trying to get it. I took a quick computer break during a commercial break during The Walking Dead and got both the Dead and Panic Button stickers to pop.