Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pretty Little Liars - Group Secret sticker

Group Secret
The girls share one big secret: what they did to Jenna. But there is one secret they can't figure out: Who's A? Watch Pretty Little Liars starting Monday, January 3 at 8/7c on ABC Family to get one more piece of the puzzle. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at ABC Family.
Req:  Checking in with "I think of Jenna" in your post seems to make this one pop.


  1. not sure how to get this one. I checked into the show with I think of Jenna and got the Rosewood Insider not Group Secret

  2. I wanted this one only since I liked the symbolism in it, but no matter how many times I checked in with the words "I think of Jenna" or "I'm thinking of Jenna" I never got it, I didn't want all the face shot stickers, but the only way to get this sticker is by earning the previous stickers by Pretty Little Liars, and then checking in to this one, or typing all the women's secrets at once, which Is what I did to get this sticker.