Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mythbusters/Storm Chasers Crossover sticker

Mythbusters and Storm Chasers formed a two-hour mega-block tonight and if you remembered to check in you earned the following sticker:

MythBusters/Storm Chasers Crossover
Do you feel educated and entertained? You watched two hours of the most exciting science shows on TV! Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Discovery.
Req: Check in to Mythbusters on 13 Oct, 2010


  1. is there a seperate sticker for checking into storm chasers and mythbusters, or is it just the same sticker?

  2. might want to mention to check in for every new Mythbusters this season, 12 stickers total.

  3. @J - Thanks for the heads-up on the set of stickers for Mythbusters. I hadn't checked out Discovery's blog and I definitely don't remember that being teased anywhere on GetGlue's blog.

  4. @stardancer - same sticker for the both of them since it was a two-hour event.