Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teasers Galore on the GetGlue Blog!

What a night it was last night! As fellow sticker-hunters know a boatload of stickers went live yesterday and were officially announced on GetGlue's blog this morning.  We have the following:


As part of the promotion for E:60, we have five new stickers!  The first three are standard one-, five-, and 15-check stickers. The last two, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" and "E:60 Overtime", have unknown requirements. Rest assured that I'll be posting up on these sports themed stickers and will bring you the highlights of how to earn them as soon as they're found!


We've been blessed with fifteen stickers from USA Network, centered around four shows and the network itself. So far all of them except the fall premiere ones for Psych and Burn Notice are available. These last two should drop on November 10 and 11, respectively, with the fall premieres of the shows. The dates are saved on the calendar, so be sure to check-in!


Last, and certainly not least, we have a four-pack of Ghost Hunters goodness from the SyFy network. The second one from the left is the trailer sticker, which has already been mentioned here. The other three look to be the standard show check-in, the "panic button" check-in, and the Up Late check-in that looks to be earned for hitting a check-in towards the end of the show (at 1 AM!)  Be prepared to stay up late to earn this one, in addition to all the other Halloween-night check-ins for the other shows on the calendar. It's going to be a busy Sunday!

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