Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ultimate Scream, Jonah Hex, True Blood Newbie, and other sticker weirdness...

It was brought to my attention on the 15th that the Ultimate Scream sticker had disappeared from the lists of several users who had previously earned it. Given that this is not the first sticker that has disappeared from our listings, I fired off an email to GetGlue support. According to support the sticker was put in to the product early and will be back in a few days. No word on whether or not we'll have to re-earn it. While I can understand them disabling it from being earned, causing it to be pulled from the lists of everyone who had earned it already gets a big "Not Cool, Man" in my eyes. Hopefully it'll reappear on our lists without having to be re-earned.

Also on the "Not Cool" track is the Jonah Hex sticker that has been teased on the GetGlue Mobile Apps page since at least early September (pictured below, in case they decide to remove it from the teaser roll)

When it didn't appear as part of the regular fandom check-ins for the movie, I suspected it'd go live for the DVD release instead. This past week the release of the DVD came and went, with absolutely nobody earning this sticker for checking in to the movie. I highly doubt they'd make a sticker like that a phrase check-in, so something tells me this one got pulled from availability - probably because of how bad the movie did at the box office. If I were an exec at Warner Brothers I sure as hell wouldn't want to further pimp a movie that failed as badly as Jonah Hex did. It's still listed in the teased but not available section of the FAQ, along with the Gossip Girl and Sex and the City 2 stickers that are pictured there (both of which I highly doubt will ever make an appearance, either).

Not to bring everything totally down, we have seen the re-appearance of a sticker that had previously gone *POOF* from most people's listings: True Blood Newbie. When GetGlue did the reorganization of the stickers listing this one disappeared from the listings of everyone who had earned it. It reappeared without fanfare some time within the last week on the lists of the people who earned it. Big thumbs up to GetGlue for getting that one fixed.

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