Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The sticker awarding bug rears its ugly head yet again...

Last night at least five new stickers dropped - two dedicated to Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family and three for Food Network TV shows. To be quite honest I haven't heard word one about Pretty Little Liars, but it looks interesting. The Food Network stickers, however, left me majorly stoked. I absolutely LOVE the shows on Food Network. Good Eats still appeals to the geek in me. Ace of Cakes appeals to the creative side of my brain. And while Iron Chef America isn't nearly as madcap and fun as the original Japanese version, it's still a hoot to watch. If they had a sticker for Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives I'd be all over that one!

Or maybe I wouldn't. You see, shortly after I picked up the stickers for Pretty Little Liars the sticker awarding bug popped into being for me yet again.  Either that or someone over at GetGlue hit the wrong switch again, set the stickers to Live status before they were supposed to be, and then yanked them back from being available, like they did with the Scream 2010 Awards Ultimate Scream sticker (at least that one is back now.)  Anyway, I was keeping an eye on my check-ins, trying to make sure I spaced them out accordingly, and when I hit the fifth one for Iron Chef America... no sticker. "Crap. Here we go again," I thought. Sure enough, my fifth check-ins for Good Eats and Ace of Cakes yielded the same results. "It's ok - I'll just wait for morning," I thought and headed for bed.  Unfortunately, this morning's check-ins brought no results as well.  I've held off on running my check-ins up to 15 (SuperFan) for the shows for the time being and will probably do so until I see some of my other sticker-fiend friends popping up with the stickers. I figure why should I artificially inflate the check-in totals because of GetGlue's errors?

To sum up my thoughts on this: GetGlue needs to get its stuff together and get this bug squashed. It's been around for almost a month now and it's a major annoyance to the heavy users of the site.

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