Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My wish-list for GetGlue's website...

A Wish-List for Tweaks to GetGlue.com

1.  The ability to re-organize or sort your sticker page.
Even if it's just sorting by Alphabetical / Chronological / Category, with ascending and descending as options, it'd be better than the fixed chronological order they have it set as now.

2.  A revamp of the Guru system
(This one is definitely going to piss off some people...)
Specifically, one where you actually have to leave a review to even get considered for the Guru position. I've seen too many people "review" an item with one line, like "I love it!", or even just one character like a period, and then they broadcast that they want to be the Guru so all their followers up-vote their review to net them the Guru position. It's lame and cheapens the site as a whole. A Guru should be someone who is genuinely interested and enthusiastic about a topic, not someone who is just playing "steal the gurus" to get the gold sticker.

3.  The ability to down-vote someone's review.
This ties in off the previous one. If they can't get it set up to require an actual review (or even if they can), they could at least give us the option to "disagree" with a review or mark it as "lame" or "weak", which would then count against the reviewer's Guru points.  Granted, people would still play the "get all my friends to vote for me" game, but it might help weed out some of the crappy reviews

4.  A discussion area for each topic.
Right now the back-and-forth replies we get under the check-ins or tied in with the replies work, but they're hard to follow and eventually will fall off the page, leaving no record of the conversation for anyone else who might stumble across the topic. If there was a dedicated discussion area on each page we could check up on new messages regarding that topic while we check-in instead of having to weed through our personal messages to see if there were any replies regarding a topic we checked-in to.

5.  The ability to directly message someone.
Again, this ties in with the above point. Sometimes you just want to shoot a quick note over to someone that isn't tied to a specific topic. Unfortunately with the way the website is currently designed, you can't; you have to wait for them to post or Like something (or hunt back through your subscription streams) and then reply to their post. That's clunky and obtrusive and doesn't fit well with a site where there is supposed to be at least a little social interaction.

6.  Last, and certainly NOT least:  A fix to all the bugs that plague new sticker releases.
Seriously.  They know there's going to be a spike in traffic on a topic as soon as they let the stickers go live. They know that those of us who play the "sticker hunter" game are going to hammer the servers like mad until we get the proper number of check-ins.  And they know we'll get frustrated when the promised reward doesn't appear. It's annoying as hell to the user to have multiple legit check-ins to an item and still not have the sticker for it.  It's even more annoying to see that happening when other people around you are earning the same sticker with no problems.  You can't tell me they seriously didn't consider the possibility that people might not use the site as intended and end up with a sticker count in the hundreds.

Ok, end of rant.  I'm out for the night.


  1. I really agree with all your points. It is annoying to see someone get a guru that doesn't really have an interest in the subject. Plus it is annoying running across something that has a guru who hasn't even added a picture, description or suggestions, that just bugs me. I think the down-vote suggestion is a nice idea, but would be problematic though, as it would add a negative spin on things and could lead to many a hurt feelings. One other item I would add to the list would be fixing the ask for votes button, as sometimes they just aren't there.

  2. I agree!! But I don't think it would piss anyone off, you're trying to ditch the lazy Gurus.. They don't care enough to be pissed, haha!

    If you are a part of Tunerfish they have a section where people can submit ideas and other users can agree. Glue definitely needs a forum where people can talk about what needs to be improved.

    Thanks for doing your part!!