Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teasers from the GetGlue Blog!

GetGlue has officially put up the teasers for Sara Bareilles, Travel Channel and PBS Newshour over on their blog.  Here's the teaser shots with some speculation:

PBS Newshour shows up with two stickers. The first can be had by checking in and mentioning something election-related. The second is a bit of a mystery as of yet but I suspect that it'll be available once the show is actually on the air at 10:00 PM EST.

Sara Bareilles checks-in with four stickers. The first is the standard 5-check fan sticker. I suspect the second is the 15-check SuperFan sticker, but I haven't seen it cross my subscription stream yet so I can't say for sure. The third is the tour sticker, and the fourth is the phrase check-in for King of Anything.

Lastly we have a pack of stickers from the Travel Channel. The first two appear to be general fandom stickers that can be had for Liking/Checking-in on multiple Travel Channel items. The first seemed to pop after 5 likes on Travel Channel shows but the second remains a mystery and I've only seen it pop up in my subscriptions feed once so far. The last ten are single-check and 5-checks for their respective shows.

I'll keep updating the post below with the sticker images and their requirements as they're found! Unfortunately we seem to be having trouble with check-ins once again as all but one of the Travel Channel stickers have refused to pop the Fan-level sticker for me and the Sara Bareilles stickers seem to be having the same problem. As much as I love GetGlue, they really need to get their act together when it comes to the release of stickers because we haven't seen a release day in recent memory that hasn't had some kind of problems. The last one I can recall that went smoothly was the book fandom, and it still had issues. I'll be patient and see if they get it fixed, but this fan's patience is starting to wear a bit thin.


  1. King of Anything is for 1 check in, I got it without saying any keywords during the check in.

  2. sara bareilles same issue than maroon 5 ... more than 15 cek and no superfan sticker

  3. I think the King of Anything sticker was supposed to pop for the "watched the video" phrasing, but was triggering just from checking in. As for the Superfan, try Liking all her albums in addition to the check-ins - that seems to make it pop.

  4. Saw someone got the World Traveler sticker and they said you have to like all the shows on the channel but I went to the wiki site and the channel site to get a list of shows and liked them all and it hasn't kicked in for me yet. So frustrating.

  5. Also as of now the Ball of Fire sticker for Man v. Food hasn't shown up for me and I am well over the 5 check in's. Is anyone else having this issue?

  6. You can try cycling your Like status and see if that helps - go to the page for the sticker you're owed, set it to Dislike, refresh the page, set it back to Like, refresh the page, and then check-in again. Sometimes that helps. If that has no effect, drop a line to GetGlue support.