Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thoughts on GetGlue's new Stickers page

Now that everyone has had a day to get used to the new Stickers page on I decided to throw out my impressions on it.  Hit the jump for the full skinny, because this is one of those book-length posts.

1. The new organization! Having a list of all the stickers that are currently available and are upcoming is a great boon to everyone. Having them back in a coherent fashion that we can browse through is even better!

2. No more having to break out your 'Droid or iWhatsit to fire up the app, get the names of the sticker placeholders, and then going back to your browser and bust out the URL trick to get the images of upcoming stickers. The new stickers show up in their groups.

3. The Search function rocks! It beats the hell out of having to dig through multiple groups just to find one sticker.

1. No listing of the stickers that are no longer available, either in the main section of that item's stickers or on a separate tab. One could argue that by default if the sticker isn't listed then it's no longer available, but it'd be nice to have a tab for retired stickers, if for no other reason than to have a location where all of them are gathered so people can check to see if they're wasting their time trying to get the Glee Rocky Horror sticker or some other one that's long since gone (They're still trying! Knock it off already, people!)

2. No indication as to whether a sticker is actually live or not. While I'm all for drumming up publicity for upcoming events, books, and music, it's more than a bit annoying to see a stack of stickers that you can't yet earn. It's even more annoying to see everyone and their dog checking-in to the topic without even looking to see if the topic has a release date in the future. Example: I've seen scads of people checking in to American Masters: Lennonyc and the show doesn't even premiere for another week yet. Protip: a little bit of research on the front-end will save you time in the long run.

3. When you view your own or someone else's stickers they're still in the order you earned them. While that makes logical sense, it still makes it a bitch to figure out which stickers you do and don't have in comparison to your friends.

4. No indication of when new sticker groups show up, short of poring over the list every day and looking for something new or waiting for it to get featured on the front page. Example: The Resident Evil: Afterlife stickers group just showed up today out of the blue. No fanfare, no announcement. If you've got the mobile app then at least the placeholders show up immediately when these get pushed out to give indication that there's something new coming down the pipe. Why doesn't the website get the same treatment?

Now while the Dislikes may outnumber the Likes here, that is by no means an indication of my overall enthusiasm for this update. The Stickers page is a more than welcome addition to GetGlue's site and greatly enhances its usability and utility. I'm definitely enjoying it and I'm looking forward to what improvements GetGlue has in store for us in the future!


  1. I'm not seeing any Resident Evil: Afterlife stickers either on the stickers page, main page, or movie page ... think they removed them?

  2. The group feature really helps with seeing which stickers I still have yet to earn. It works well in conjunction with the Full Sticker FAQ. I also think there needs to be indication as to whether a sticker is live or not. It's not just the Lennonyc one but also the Just for the Halibut and the 4 Hour body stickers. Going off of that, I'm not sure I can get into showing stickers way before gluers can actually get them. I saw that there were now Burlesque stickers, two of which were Opening Weekend and Box office, only to see that the movie comes out next week. The Skyline and Unstoppable went live a few days before it came out in theaters. People might disagree with me on that, but I'm a person who just doesn't like to be teased.

  3. Stacy - They've apparently disabled the RE:A group on the main site because I can't get it to show up even with a proper URL. Something tells me it wasn't supposed to go into a visible state yesterday

    D.L.F. - I'm planning on a major revamp with the next FAQ update that will reorganize the listing to match the layout that GetGlue now uses. The No Longer Available stickers will be placed at the end of each group and be marked as such.

  4. A tiny bit off subject here but I had requested stickers about a week ago and they came today. With them came a card saying "Missing stickers? We send what's currently in stock! Request again in 30 days to get more stickers" The best part is, even though I only got 15 of the 30 stickers I originally requested, I somehow received ones I never earned. For example, I received the Dexter super fan sticker and I haven't reached that yet. I'm still at fan level. I also received the Get Glue "Magellan" sticker which I have never seen until today so I know I never earned that one.

    Anyone else getting random stickers they have never earned or is it just me? Kind of takes the fun out of trying to earn stickers when they send ones you don't earn and don't send the ones you did.

  5. I just got my stickers in the mail today. I got 12. I did get one that I have not unlocked, DaVinci.

    I wish on the stickers page they had a coming soon tab and grey out the ones that are no longer available.

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  7. I have questions about the Boardwalk Empire stickers. I thought the stickers were available during the original broadcast of the episode, but according to the stickers page, I can still get them. Does anyone know if this is true? Has anyone tried it to get these sticker after the episode and succeeded? I tried checking in during the episodes and I get nothing.

  8. DLF - No can do with Boardwalk Empire. In order to get that week's sticker, you must have the previous week's sticker. So you would have to have every sticker that has already come out for BE in order to get your weekly sticker.

  9. Mindy-thanks, I that's what I thought. I would think that because you needed the previous week's sticker, that it would be considered No Longer Available. Oh well, I missed out on a great set.

  10. Looks like they blocked access to the dev site; I did get a look at two more Conan stickers before the place went poof: - is a Team Coco sticker - is a pic of Conan with an owl on his shoulder

  11. Bummer on the blocking of the dev site. That's how I got the stickers & descriptions for the Resident Evil stickers after they yanked them back. Oh well. If you replace "medium" in those URLs with "huge" you'll see the full size versions of the stickers.