Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Look at what came in the mail!

To paraphrase a famous letter, Yes, Virginia, they do exist! I checked my mailbox at the post office today and lo and behold some time within the last week the sticker fairy dropped off an envelope. It appears that it was postmarked on the 15th (near as I can tell - the cancellation stamp is very blurry), which was one day shy of the one week mark of my request. I received 18 stickers in total. Sorry for the poor resolution - my phone's camera was set lower than I thought it was.

Column-wise, I received:

2x Boardwalk Empire Premiere (Two of them?)
Mad Men Superfan
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Don Draper
60's Cocktail
Sarah Lane
This Week In Tech
HBO Egomaniac
HBO Insult Artist
HBO Lifer
Round Table
Super Gluer (How I got sent this one is beyond me - I know I haven't been awarded the sticker.)
as well as a little card noting that they send what they have in stock.

Thanks to GetGlue for sending these out!  One more week and I can request again!


  1. I don't even know where to look to even attempt to request mine.

  2. Just found it and ordered them. Let's see how long it takes to get them and what I get.

  3. Congrats! I ordered my first set 9+ weeks ago, and my second set 4+ weeks ago... But still no stickers for me. This gives me hope that I might actually get them though. :)

  4. CONGRATS! I've requested mine three times and gotten nothing. It's been more than a week since I requested mine so perhaps I should try again.

  5. You're a Super Gluer? How did u do it?

  6. All - I was pleasantly surprised to see they showed up so quickly. A bit confused by getting two of the same sticker, but otherwise very happy that they came.

    Matt - The thing is, I've never been awarded that sticker, so I have no idea why they sent it.

  7. Just ordered my 2nd set - so the 30 days must have just passed, no sign of the first set yet. Hoping they do actually show up!

  8. I haven't gotten any stickers in the mail yet either. But out of curiosity... do you have the measurement of them? 1-1/2"?

  9. I've ordered twice now, the second time was about two weeks ago. I haven't received a damn thing. My wife & I were calculating how long it would take to receive every sticker: assuming we quit gluing & earned ZERO stickers from here on out, we ordered every 30 days like clockwork, & they actually sent us 20 different stickers from our collection without repeating anything, it would take almost two years to get every sticker.

    I sent them an email suggesting that they should offer an option for us to choose whether or not we want to pay postage to receive as many stickers as they can send, maybe even add a small "handling" charge to help cover the cost of keeping stickers in stock. Personally, I'd be willing to pay $5 her or there, maybe even $10 if I knew I'd get all my stickers now rather than have to wait years to catch up to what I have now. I mean, 20 (maybe) stickers every 30 days is 240 stickers per year, maximum! For many of us, that means simply that we'll never see all of our stickers. It's pretty much a joke for them to even offer the damn real stickers. They should just out us in touch with a manufacturer who can make real ones from the images & leave it at that.

    Congrats on getting your 15! Now, what do you want for the extra Boardwalk Empire Preniere sticker. I'm still pissed that I don't get any of those stickers, even though I've watched every episode, just because I didn't know about Glue when the show started. It's kind of bullshit.

  10. LOL! I just noticed that my phone mis-corrected "put": it was supposed to say "...put us in touch with a manufacturer..." It also failed to correct my misspelling of "Premiere." :-) That's what I get for writing in an irritated state. :-)

  11. I got my small batch!!! After 3 1/2 month I've got my stickers!!!! Wow now yo wait till I cam find that request button... I really hope they take peoples ideas and let people pay for a large batch of stickers (shipping) or a list or priority stickers:)
    I want them truebloods!!

  12. Joe - Just measured one and they're 1.5" in diameter.

    What I'd really like would be if we could get multiple copies of a specific sticker for personal use; that way we wouldn't have to worry about what to stick it on, we could just go nuts and display them on all our stuff!

    As for what I'm going to do with them, I'm seriously considering getting a sheet of peel-and-stick magnetic backing and turning them into fridge magnets or getting myself a magnetic whiteboard for my office area. They're too cool to just slap on one thing.

  13. My request link came back last night. I might wait another week or so, maybe even until I get the Tron stickers and see if I luck out.
    I was planning on doing the same with the stickers, Tech. The only magnet sheets I've found were Avery magnet sheets. I believe you have to cut the circle shape out yourself though. If anyone knows of a better brand please let me know. The stickers are just sitting in the envelope right now.

  14. Just requested my second batch of stickers. If anyone has requested as well, you might have noticed the the optional box asking for which stickers you are most excited to get. I thought that was a really nice touch. I know that GG might not be able to help which stickers run out at the time but it is nice to see that they don't just want to send a bunch of random stickers to us. I like giving credit where it's due, they are trying. I my biggest requests were last two of my Mad Men set, and both Ghost Adventures stickers, Top User, Rick Grimes, Glee characters and some others that should have been easy to get but for me were hard, like the Cylon, Paranormal Hunter and those darn HBO stickers. It does state that the max they can send is 20 at a time.

  15. The first time I received stickers, I only received 9 (Had earned around 30), and I got two of the 60's Cocktail stickers.

    Funny thing is, I also got the Super Gluer sticker, which I still haven't earned yet.....

  16. I did the magnet thing with the ones I got in the mail. Save yourself a little money though and just get a magnetic sheet, don't pay more for hte peel and stick kind. After all, they're stickers, and will stick to even the non-stick magnet sheets!

  17. @Greg, I agree, don't buy the peel and stick. I spent $1.50 for a magnet sheet at Daiso Japan ("dollar" store at my local mall). One sheet, 30x20 cm, can fit at least 25 stickers, if you don't mess up. I also bought a ruler with circles, it turned out that the circles I traced were a little small, so I had to cut a 1mm border around it to make the size almost perfect. I made sure to test it on my least liked stickers first, which was good b/c I did a lot of repositioning.

  18. I got 3 sets in the mail :)

  19. This is a awesome resource for GetGlue. Thanks Tech for taking the effort/patience/time to do this. I as a GG newbie really appreciate it.

    I ordered my first 20 Thursday. Will be interesting to see what arrives. I, too, have to go to the PO to pick them up Tech Paradox.

    PS - in regards to stickers and magnets, find a craft store and see if they have a cookie cutter the size of the sticker. If so, you can press hard and at least get the impression right. The actual cutting may still be left to you if it does not sink all the way through. Just a suggestion. Someone let me know if it works.