Friday, November 19, 2010

Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases sticker!

Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases: Coming Soon
Bullitt or The Bourne Identity? See SPEED's picks for the Hottest Hollywood Car Chases on Thanksgiving Night at 8pm ET. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at SPEED.
Req: Check-in to Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases. No comment or phrase needed.


  1. You're faster'n me - I thought I was early in the queue, and there you are!

  2. They've changed the number of stickers you can have before requesting. It's now up to 20. Lame. They're not even sending people all the ones they've earned anyway. WTH?

  3. Stephanie - it's simple: they're running out of stickers too quickly. Originally it was 7. A few weeks later they bumped it to 15. Now it's 20. If they make it so you have to have more before requesting then they will have more lag time to get stickers back in stock.

  4. Hey Tech Paradox,
    Quick question, I can't seem to find the request sticker link! It used to be right the top of the page that displays all the stickers you've earned but since they changed the look of that page its gone! Do you know where it might be??
    Thanks :)

  5. cureme - Good question. I would assume it's still supposed to be at the top of your stickers list when you view all your stickers. Given that I requested mine recently I hadn't thought anything of it, but now that I look the banner is gone. Perhaps they've disabled it temporarily so they can get more stickers back in stock?

  6. That was my thought as well, I guess I will just wait & see! Thanks for the response Tech!