Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SPEED Dream Ride sticker

Dream Ride
You've watched the SPEED Dream Ride marathon. Want to win a spot on the 2010 SPEED Dream Ride with Kyle Petty, Mario Andretti, and more? Visit to enter. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at SPEED.
Req: Check-in to Dangerous Drives or other shows from SPEED
Note: Something tells me this one wasn't supposed to go live until 25 Nov, 2010...


  1. The Pretty Little Liars Thanksgiving sticker is live.

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  3. Was this a one day, one time deal? I checked in shortly after my wife did & didn't get the sticker. I've checked in several times now & still nothing. It's fucking ridiculous. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. Twice in the last week, Magnetic popped up in my messages, & my wife saw the notice in her stream that it was awarded to me. It never showed up in my stickers, so I wrote support. They told me after reviewing my comments they didn't see anything that qualified for the sticker & have no idea why I keep getting-but-not-getting it. Nice, huh? AdaptiveBlue & Glue has more bugs than the body farm, that place where they study how the body decomposes. Terrible. Still, thanks for keeping up with the posts. Yours is the best blog out there for sticker hunters.

  4. I'm pretty sure this one was time-limited to the 24th/25th and may have been bugged in the shows it needed for it to trigger. I get the suspicion it was supposed to be the companion sticker for Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases but something messed up the triggering for it.