Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prototypes & Not Yet Released page goes live!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! Gather 'round, gather 'round, and please allow me to direct your attention to the latest section of the blog, the Prototypes and Not Yet Released stickers page, showcased proudly in the sidebar at the left.  This will be a static page featuring teaser images that we've been able to finagle out of GetGlue's teasers and previews and will be dedicated to maintaining an archive of stickers that either are never released or have changes in their artwork between their initial tease and their final release. I also may throw some stickers in here that are rarities that most people will never earn due to their EXTREMELY limited nature, but that remains to be seen. Head on over and have a gander!


  1. In response to your question about the Surfer sticker, this is an older post on their blog:

  2. Well, that makes a bit more sense now, although one would think that if the sticker were still active that there would be people listed as earning it. I'm betting that GetGlue has deactivated this one from being earned.