Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fringe stickers officially announced, Sticker contest voting open.

As regular followers of the blog here know, Fringe stickers went live on Tuesday. In fact, you probably already have the full set. :D  They were officially announced to the world at ~1:30 PM today on GetGlue's blog. Head on over there for the official announcement and confirmation that the nine stickers we've got pictured here are the full set.

Also, the polls have opened on GetGlue's design-a-sticker contest, with the entrants narrowed down to ten contestants. As they say in Chicago, "vote early, vote often!" Check it out and cast your vote for your favorite!


  1. i just got 7 by typing in the below

    Correxiphan. Red lantern. Secretary of defense. Peter died. Glimmer show. Glow. Secretary of state. Cortexiphan. Shape shifters. What goes on in the parallel universe fringe division. Cortexiphan correxiphan fifteen Red Arrow. Secretary of defense shape shifter Glowing light Correxiphan What goes on in the parallel universe Fringe Division? Cortexiphan Fifteen - and we're going to sit back and observe the rest

    hope it helps someone.

  2. omg, kellie, you are my Fringe hero! Thanks!